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Do you have a question? Maybe here you can find the answer!

Here are some frequently asked questions and related responses about white water tours in Bovec Slovenia.

I have never been river rafting before!

Are you a beginner rafter and you are a bit scared of white water rafting tour? Do not worry! Here at Soca Rider we do half day and full day white water rafting tour. If you have never been rafting before you do not have to worry about rolling over or turning. Before we take you to the river we tell you all the important information about safety. After that our guide takes you down the river he knows really well so everything runs smoothly. At first you will experience some smaller rapids and as you continue with your tour the rapids get a bit bigger so you can really have the great experience that you came to get.

When is the best time to go white water rafting?

Soca river is closed for paddling from november 1 st of until march 15 th , so in that time we do not do the tours. Rafting Slovenia starts on march 26 th when we open our office in Bovec and from this date an all to October 31 st all rafting, canyoning or whitewater kayaking lovers are welcome. Here is the summary of what kind of weather you can expect in the months of the season and what programs are suitable in those months.


Usually snow still does not start melting at this time so the water is not that high yet and it is suitable for doing kayak courses. The Soca river is also not crowded at that time and it has the most beautiful emerald colour! Full day and half day rafting tours are also an option. Family rafting and canyoning programs are recommended only for those, who like cold water.


At this time the snow in the mountains usually starts melting, so you can expect a „big” water rafting experience! Kayak tours and kayak courses are still possible on the ideal river sections. Our family rafting tour is recommended only if the weather is good in may, but june, july and august are the perfect months to do family rafting tour. Our canyoning program at this time is only recommenden for the people that will not get too cold in that cold water.


In june the summer begins but it is still not the high season in soca valley, so if you do not like the crowds, you should come in this time. Great time for friends or smaller groups to fulfill their weekend by doing some rafting or canyoning! At this time we recommend full day rafting tours that start at the upper section of the river where the water level is also very good. Also everybody that would like to do family rafting, kayaking or canyoning is welcome!

July - August

at this time there is a high season in the Soca valley, so it is the best if you pre-book the programs and accommodation. Also the temperature is the highest at this time and the Soca river reaches the maximum temperature, which is still not over 16 degrees. Soca water level drops quite a lot by august unless we do not get a couple of days of rain. There are still splashes and waves but the river becomes more technical to paddle. There are a lot of activities to do at this time. Our family rafting and canyoning programs are the best to do in this period. Also kayak tours and courses are good to do at this time.


by September the high season ends but it is still a good time to try out some water activities like family white water rafting, kayaking and canyoning. Usually we get a little more rain and the water level raises, so you can expect bigger waves, more adventure on the river


In our opinion Soca valley is the most beautiful at this time. The trees begin to gain beautiful colors and emerald color of Soca river is even more highlighted. This is the time of postseason. It is still a good time to do rafting and kayaking. But family rafting and canyoning we only recommend to the people that will not get to cold in that cold water .

Does the tour go in case of bad weather?

Whitewater tours happen regardless of the rain as you are usually wet by doing the activity anyway. In case of a cold weather we provide you with ticker neoprens and jackets so you do not get cold. The only time the Rafting Slovenia tour does not happen is if the floods would appear, if there is extreme weather circumstances or natural disasters. But in that case we let you know in advance (if we can).

I’m not very athletic, can I still go on a tour?

Rafting is an enjoyable activity where all the people of average body condition have fun. You do not have to row constantly, you just have to do the strikes that help to steer the raft properly. Of course by the end of a white water adventure day, everyone will be a bit tired as the new experience, the movement and the clean air have that effect on us.

What clothes should I bring to the white water tours?

All the equipment that you will need for white water rafting, kayaking and canyoning tours you will receive from us. And the things you should bring with you are :
  • swimsuit
  • towel
  • glasses/sunglasses strap
  • short sleeve lycra(optional)
  • sunblock

What equipment do I get?

For rafting, canyoning and whitewater kayaking you will receive the following equipment from us .

Whitewater rafting, canyoning, kayak tour and kayak course equipment :

  • neoprene suit (4mmthick)
  • neoprene jacket (3mm thick – in case of a cold weather)
  • splash jacket
  • neoprene shoes (size 26-50)
  • life jacket ( from kids size up to 112cm chest size)
  • helmet(állítható)

We take care that all of the neoprene equipment gets washed after every tour

Other whitewater kayak course equipment:

    sprayskirt (Peak UK and Palm)
  • Ainsworth paddles (different sizes)

Available white water kayaks

  • Dagger Mamba 8.0
  • Dagger Mamba 8.5
  • Dagger GTX
  • Dagger Nomad 8.5
  • Liquidlogic Flying Squirrel 85

Our kayaks are the type that is really the most suitable for paddling on Soca river also for beginners who would like to gain knowledge of white water kayaking. We change them constantly with new versions and brands.

Can I set my own Go-Pro camera?

Some of our helmets have head mounts for gopro on them and they come in 2 sizes. If you wish to use one of those please let us know in advance and we will put it on the side for you!

How much in advance should I make a reservation?

for weekends in the spring and early summer time and in the high season you should book at least 2-3 weeks in advance especially if you are planning to do more than one activity at the time. We organize tours in small groups so some of the dates fill up really quickly. When you know what kind of whitewater program you would like to do it is the best if you contact us and book your trips as soon as possible.

How can I pay my whitewater tours?

Only cash payment is possible here in our office in Bovec. If you book an activity in advance, we will ask you to pay a deposit what you can do through our Online payment system which is free of any bank charges.

Which bars, party places are recommended in Bovec?

After your energetic rafting, kayaking or canyoning experience there are many opportunities to have fun in Bovec. if you would like to have a drink, sitting down with your friends you can choose from three places in Bovec centre :
  • Kavarna caffe house ( where you can get first class cappuccino),
  • Platz Cafe (where you can go when everything else is allready closed),
  • Felix Bar ( a real pub with exellent service)
  • A little further away from the centre there is Crna Ovca, black sheep (5 minutes walk). our cozy wooden house, good music, a wide selection of drinks. tennis courts, outdoor grill, playground, boulder wall, part of the basement has billiards facilities. in the summer high season (august july) stage in the main square is set up with wide program available for visitors. concerts, folklore evenings, dancing, and much more to add color to the evening.